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Jan 28 2013
By: canadian94eh Survivor 2229 posts

Signature Tutorial

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i don't see many signatures (not just plain text) around these forums and i believe the main reason is that most people don't know how to make them (i for one didn't when i first came here) but after some googling i find how to insert an image and how to insert a link


first go to my settings then into personal profile (personal information) you should find the signature box 3rd from the top


How to Insert an Image:


<img src=" BLUE ">


replace BLUE with the image URL (using an image on the internet, right click and select copy image URL)



How to Insert a Link:

<a href=" RED "><font size="3" color="black"> GREEN </font></a>


RED = URL of the designated page

GREEN = text you wish to display


note that the font will default to size = "2" if you wish to keep your text font to size 2 you can just leave the size out, for example: ...<font color = "red">...





if anyone else has something to contribute please comment below

Please use plain text.
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Re: Signature Tutorial

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Jan 28, 2013
Please use plain text.
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