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Jun 27 2013
By: Toxic156 Fender Bender 4145 posts


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f.lux- a program that dims your computer monitor in accordance to the current time, making later-night browsing easier on the eyes.


AdBlock Plus- blocks ads, plain and simple. Chrome: Firefox:


Youtube Magic Actions- aside from a cheesy name, it offers the ability to change volume for YT vids by scrolling, a backlight that makes videos look a bit like movies, and other stuff. Chrome: Firefox: in light of the recent exposure of the unconstitutional NSA spying and the existance of PRISM, this is a solid alternative search engine to Google. Here's how it can use Google's results while offering you privacy: Link:


NotScript(s)- allows you to block plug-ins and other things from different sites when web browsing. Chrome: Firefox:


https everywhere- browser extension that encrypts communication s with many major websites. Both:


hola- lets you access sites that may be blocked by your country. Also claims to allow faster browsing. Both:

Co-op Adventure Tips & Tricks and Amazing Lab Idea- Now with Brackets Mentioning Kudos Count!

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Re: Stuff

Jul 2, 2013

I luv kitty cats cuz they're very furry n cute. meow!
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Re: Stuff

Jul 10, 2013

Thank you for all the wonderful information, Toxic. I feel I have been educated about the wonders of technology.

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