May 23 2013
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Need For Speed: Rivals Announced!

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The new game in the long running NFS series has been announced. Here are some quick bits of info revealed:




  • Developed by new Swedish studio: Ghost Games and is getting some help from Criterion.
  • Open world game
  • Set in fictional Redview Country
  • You choose a side: Cops or Racers
  • Coming to current gen on November 19th with next gen coming later this year too
  • You’ll be able to wield upgradeable weapons and tech like jammers and EMP bursts for racers or roadblocks, shockwaves and helicopters for cops.
  • Cars will be upgradeable and customizable
  • Suppose to contain a new feature called "AllDrive" which is suppose to blend the link between mutliplayer and single player. This is how it was described:

“Imagine you’re playing Need for Speed Rivals as a cop in a pursuit,” Nilsson said, starting in on an explanation of the new mode. “You’re going through the levels of the game and collecting points. I’m your friend, so when I join the game, I’m being put in your world. The world is pretty big, right? I can be on a different side of the map and I’m doing my thing in my play progression, being a racer, being chased by cops and collecting Speedpoints.”

“Then, our experiences can merge so we happen to be on the same street, which means that you can start going after me. Or if we’re both cops, we can go after the racer that we were chasing together,” Nilsson continued. “Really, we’re going seamlessly through player action from playing alone to playing in co-op. The game will then adjust to this and give you objectives which are based on playing together with a friend and change the score to make it obvious to you that you’re playing together with someone.”


“That carries on as you have more people join this world and with the different roles they take, the game will offer you more variation on how you can play the game, depending on how many people their are in your world,” Nilsson told me. "This is why I think Rivals is all about the next generation."










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Re: Need For Speed: Rivals Announced!

May 24, 2013

YEEEEHAWWWWW!!!! Lookin forward to this one!!!!! Just keeps gettin better!!!!!!!


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