May 31 2013
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Question(s) about feeding treats

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So I'm probably pretty far in the game (~45 hours in the clock) and I've been feeding treats for my familiars, their favorite ones most of the time. I noticed that when you do that, their familiarity rises, and favorite treats seem to raise it more, correct?

So what if I feed my familiars with their not so favorite treats too much so that their growth limit gets maxed at, say, 20. Is there ANY way I can still raise it? Like feeding them treats and raising their familiarity without getting any extra stat points for them?


I want to improve my familiars' weaknesses, but I don't want to do that if my growth limit gets maxed too soon. I want to get maximun familiarity, or at least something like four hearts.


Oh and good quality treats raise the familiarity faster also, but is it okay (and possible) to max out pets' familiarity with low quality treats too? Like chocolate that can be bought, or milk chocolate (2nd worst) which is made through alchemy.



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Re: Question(s) about feeding treats

May 31, 2013

Personally, I couldn't really say as my feeding habits for the familiars was not based on their favorite snack but rather on the type of stats/feeding item that it was. If I needed to transform a familiar, for instance, then I fed them one of the big ones relating to their sign. If I needed to increase their attack or defense or whatever else then I would feed them a treat that would respectfully increase said stats.


However, if you're looking for some answer, here's a topic where the poster has broken down their experimental results when it comes to feeding familiars.

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