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Apr 29 2013
By: Danowarrior First Son 3 posts

NG3: RE - Starting a new game plus on hard mode...need feedback

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I finshed the game on both normal and hard. When I start a new game and choose normal difficulty, a prompt comes up and asks if I want to use base data or not to retrieve all the karma and stats I had when I completed the game. I select base data and when the game starts, I have all the skills and karma I had when I finished the game.


The other day I beat the game on hard and started a new game on hard. This time choosing to use my base data from my last finished game didn't seem to work. All the skills were "unlocked", but my karma was at zero and all skills were right back to square one. **bleep**? I reset the game and tired several times with no luck - all my skills and karma would not carry into the new game despite the game prompting me to use base data!


Is anyone else having this problem or is this just part of the game? I really wanted to max out a few weapons I didn't complete on my last playthrough.

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: NG3: RE - Starting a new game plus on hard mode...need feedback

Apr 30, 2013

i am :smileysad:

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