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sigma 1 question

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if anyone happens to still be active here do any of you know if it's possible to listen to music off my HDD while playing? i know games like dead space 1 & 2 allow it & certain NFS games allow it through playlists but is it possible for NG? i put in over 3000 hours on the old xbox version years ago so i honestly don't need to hear the frankly crap voice acting & the more annoying than anything moaning & flip flopping of my feet & the enemies screaming as i slaughter countless thousands of them for the pure enjoyment of seeing their heads roll. i just bought it 2 days ago & i have no idea if it's possible somehow that i haven't figured out.


reply on here if you can or send me a message via PSN my username is the same as the one on the left. 



*EDIT* since i see some people are reading the thread but not posting let me update you with my findings. playlists that work in NFS HP & MW do not work in NGS, i have not found a way to get them to play in-game at all they don't show up under any menu. playing music/playlists directly from the XMB like you can in dead space is not possible ( but i find this great in dead space since it scares you more with loud pop outs than a hoard of necromorphs ) ( killing babies & children is still a moral dilemma i'm not sure how i feel about i mean they're going to kill you if you don't kill them but it's the dilemma of killing children, i don't like it but i guess it's virtual & survival of the human race so i guess it's ok on that level but still that's a bit too far & i really wish EA wouldn't have left that in ) ANYWAY there are my findings, i don't see it being possible in any way to use a custom soundtrack. looks like i'm going to have to stick with my iphone.

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