Jun 19 2012
By: MysteryPerson Treasure Hunter 5296 posts

Anyone play Aion? Also that star wars game might go free to play.

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I just started playing (for free) and it's a pretty fun game so far. I'm only a level 17 and have a couple questions. Where do I buy new wings? Big new pet eggs? I don't want a dumb little green draggon thing or an ugly purple "ribbit" as my pet. I've some some huge black draggons or water sprits but those are level 60. And all the random websites spam in the chat is really annoying. Sometimes I can block the bot but other times I cant. I also chose to be an agressive priest. What crafting should I focus on? I don't care about food. One last thing! Where's the guy that expands your inventory? I saw him somewhere in that big city but I forgot where he is. Probably in that area where I got promoted to Daeva.

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