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Re: Dog Found During Live TV interview.

May 22, 2013

JERM7 wrote:

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Xuchilbara wrote:

These days people call anything "amazing" without the event being worthy of the word.  Now that dog showing up right then and there during the interview, AMAZING!


With that said, if the lady had not asked for help, they would have left her do all the lifting to get to her dog. [shakes head]

Smiley Indifferent im assuming you dont have a dog...


Why, I currently own one and you can hardly find a baby pic of mine where there isn't a dog. I love dogs woof woof.

I think he interpretted your comment as saying that people overuse the word and you didn't think this was "amazing."  That's not how I read it, but it's not completely clear.


I see what you mean JERM7. I did rushed the post. Basically I wanted to express that such event is worthy of being described as AMAZING!


It felt like the video got cut off a little too soon; I wonder how injured the dog was.  It looks like it was walking but slowly.  At least it looks like it will be ok Smiley Happy


Hopefully the dog is free from injuries, at least anything serious. The whole dog appearance was AMAZING!, but what got to me was  hearing/seeing the ladies reaction to finding-alive that which she thought to be lost. Very heartwarming.



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Re: Dog Found During Live TV interview.

May 22, 2013

You made me tear up a little BRIT... You son of a.......Smiley LOL


Nice to see the news can show something worth while once in a while.


You... Yeah you.. Shut.. shhhhhhhhhh...



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