Dec 04 2013
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Eighth generation "next-gen" in gaming, thoughts so far?

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The next-gen of gaming is complete with the releases of the Xbox one and Ps4, the other 3 systems being the Wii u, Ps Vita, and 3Ds. this topic is for people to give there thoughts on each system, where they stand right now. And where you think they will end up when the eight generation comes to a close and if the eight generation of home and portable dedicated gaming consoles will be the last generation. I'll kick things off.


3ds: There is not much to worry about when it comes to this system, despite being the weakest of the next-gen specs wise. The 3ds and Nintendo have proven that great games can be made on a system with weak hardware and that portable consoles are worth alot more then spin-offs and ports. the 3ds is seeing wonderful sales despite the way it sttrugled when it first came out and showes that portable consoles (and gaming systems in general) can exist even in a world ruled by smart phones and tablets.


Ps vita: even with all the powerful hardware Sony have packed into this power house (by portable console standards) the Ps vita still has yet to find any solid ground within the gaming world, Sony has yet to really get behind the Ps Vita in game-line up. the Ps vita has great games but none of them have been the "Killer-app" the system needs to survive. remote-play with the Ps4 is being used a seller, but the Ps4 has just hit the 2 million mark in sales and there is no noticable increase in vita sales. Let's hope this changes over the months.


Wii u: like the Ps Vita, the Wii u can't seem to get a grip in the gaming world.




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Re: Eighth generation "next-gen" in gaming, thoughts so far?

Dec 4, 2013

sorry it is really hard to edit post on a phone so I will continue here.


Wii u: like the ps vita, is having a hard time finding it's place in the gaming world. due to the fact that too many people are basing the next-gen off of specs, the Wii u (along with the 3ds and Ps vita) in not considered part of the next-gen. And with nintendo trying to pump out good Wii u games, and alot of them floping sales wise. we can only hope things start to get better befor the year is out.


Ps4: with months of hype and good advritisment the Ps4

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