Jun 05 2013
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Faster than a Veyron... Much Faster

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1998 Toyota Supra making 1300hp. 

198mph in 1/2 mile

No version of the Veyron can touch it.

It just recently finished a few months ago, and missed the Texas Mile due to ECU issues. But should run next years Texas Mile in the 250mph range. (takes 3 miles for a Veyron). 

Run's solid 8's in the 1/4 mile, about 1300-1400hp on race fuel.

Still has full interior, working HVAC, stereo.

One of the few Supra's that will take down a twin-turbo Lamborghini.

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Re: Faster than a Veyron... Much Faster

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Jun 5, 2013

A Supra thread wooopie!!!


2GZGTE 4 life!


Fastest one to date....









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