Apr 16 2013
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Focus on the good things

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While we all feel all sorts of emotions for what happened yesterday, myself included, we can't get ourselves caught up in this as something inherenty flawed about our humanity.

roughly paraphrasing Patton Oswalt's statement i quoted in another thread "We are inherently good people"

And thats what we need to focus on.

I do have an issue with people saying that "prayers" are a waste of time etc etc.... I've seen it all over the place. The fact that Prayer has to be something tied to religion is something I take offense to because, I am a Christian, while I don't actually practice my religion, I have a very basic sense of being a person of faith.

I don't take offense to it because this is coming from people who are athiests or other religions etc etc, I take offense to it because prayer HAS to be tied to religion/faith....
Whether or not you believe in prayer is irrelevant, because we all believe in sending good will to people who need it. Simply saying "my thoughts go out to them" is a prayer.... you've just sent something good to someone.

But we can't focus on this too much, yes, its very tragic.... but like all things, too much of something is not good for you. 


Focus on good things. At the very least, find something that brings you some joy and laughter.... 

Like Eddie Izzard...

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Re: Focus on the good things

Apr 16, 2013

IN addition to your nice post I would like to add one thing about yesterday.

Tread lightly in your comments people, you never know how that may have impacted some of us who post here.  So please just keep things calm and respectful and try to not post video/image of the explosion if you can help yourself (that last one is a personal request). 



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