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Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

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There are different kinds of video game players, or so I've been told / read.


  • Gamers: Although they may have a preference to one particular platform, are not so blinded by that one brand, that it prevents them from experiencing great games on another. They love video games. They may have a preference to one particular console / brand, but they will try anything at least once. I consider myself a gamer, first and foremost. Not a casual gamer, not a "hardcore" gamer, and certainly not a "fanboy."


  • "Hardcore" gamers: This one is used quite often. And sometimes too loosely. It could be someone who plays a lot of games, someone who plays a lot of 1 particular game genre, or someone who is only into competitive gaming. They could be a multi-platform gamer or even a "fanboy." It can mean one of these things or all of these things.


  • Casual gamer: Usually reserved for someone who plays games here and there, but doesn't put a lot of time, effort, or thought into them.


  • Fanboys: Typically they only own one platform (PC or console). They love that platform, and will defend it with all their heart and soul. "Fanboys" (or as I've heard them be called, "loyalists") have existed ever since I could remember. And the term is not limited to just games. They exist in movies, TV shows, comics, books, music, you name it, they are there too. As for video games, I can remember my friends either being a PC gamer or an Atari / Nintendo gamer. A Nintendo gamer or a Sega gamer. A Nintendo gamer or a Sony gamer. And most recently, Sony or Microsoft (or PC / Nintendo -- Both do still exist.)


There is nothing wrong with it. Sure, some people can't afford to spend the money on every video game system that comes out.

So, they pick one and stay true to it -- and it alone. With no real knowledge of the other platform they are talking trash about. <--- And that is the problem I have with some gamers.


It doesn't mean you need to be disrespectful to others. Because regardless of titles and descriptiong, we're all gamers.

Whether you be "hardcore," "casual," or a "fanboy." Even if we own 1 console or 3, we all enjoy video games for different reasons.

Even though we all have our favorite genres and  favorite / preferred console, we should be kind to each other. The video game console(s) you own say nothing about your class or place in society. It is not a badge or a gang color. It is simply choice and / or preference.


But, some "fanboys" let their hatred / dislike for a company (or the people who own that "other" console) prevent them from experiencing some great (and fun) games that each platform exclusively has to offer.

.... Which brings me to Microsoft Smiley Happy


I understand we're on a PlayStation forum, but, recently I've seen a lot of pitch forks raised towards Microsoft and their (failed) Xbox One reveal. Sure, I am one of the many who were blown away at how much the reveal stunk, but as a gamer, I have hopes that MS will actually shock us at E3. (!)


If their reveal was enough for an "Xbot" to jump ship, then why did they even have an Xbox to begin with? Obviously it isn't for it's (few) great exclusives. The same applies for someone who jumps ship from PlayStation and says "I'm going to Xbox."


Competition is important. Look at some of the top yearly, multi-platform, franchises (Call of Duty, EA Sports titles). They don't evolve because they have nothing to compete with. Yet, once that "next big thing" comes along, you better believe they will put the time and effort into evolving. If someone has monopoly, they let their creativity slow, they become lazy and (more) greedy. As long as Sony, Microsoft -- and even Nintendo -- have competition with each other, we will see the video game industry continue to evolve.


And right now, PS4 and XBox One have all the makings of great console war. Game [ON] / OFF


So, in closing, what type of gamer are you? Wait, don't answer that. It doesn't matter. Remember?

We're all gamers.

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Re: Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

Jun 4, 2013
Thank you Horror. You inho...are one of the most level headed guys on the forums. It is childish to see not only regular forum members...but our ambassadors (mvps) join in on flaming and general nonsense when it comes to other platforms or gamers. We are all gamers of some sort and even tho this post won't change any minds i appreciate your efforts in writing it.

I really wish a mature mvp would have started a "Welcome former Xbox forumers" thread or something like that in the general forum to welcome the newcomers instead of just the snarky comments on why Microsoft stinks and why Sony rules. But alas...nothing yet
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Re: Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

Jun 4, 2013

I'm a hardcore gamer and no im not an elitist except that i have never bought an XBOX console because their games don't get my attention surely the XBOX must have good games but is just not my thing


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Re: Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

Jun 4, 2013

I don't know, just call me ID-69 or by my real name if you know it. If you need to put some labels on me, go ahead for all I care.

I pretty much play video games exclusively on the PS3 and I have been with PlayStation since I was 5. Long story short, I am a PlayStation Gamer until something radical happens. Until then I've got no plans to go and buy a WiiU, because PlayStation is where all the good stuff is at. And as a stundent my budget is limited, so I can't buy more than one console. I want to buy the one I know I'll be satisfied with.


As for Xbox vs. PS, I think there shouldn't be bad blood between gamers from both platforms. Why can't we laugh at Xbox One jokes together? If they're willing to jump ship, we must give them a warm welcome. There's no reason to upset.

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Re: Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

Jun 4, 2013

HorrorGod wrote:

  • Fanboys: Typically they only own one platform (PC or console). They love that platform,

Lol, I actually might fit into that category, but doesn't bother me. I only have one set of platforms (PS3/Vita) and the reason for that is that I don't want anything else because I don't see how it's worth it. Xbox, Wii-U, Smartphones and 3DS/DS doesn't have games that I'm interested in so I don't have one. PC? It's just this metal beater that I use for internet, video editing and programming.


But yeah, I'm a gamer. Smiley Happy

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Re: Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

Jun 4, 2013

Agreed, the console fanboy is the worst.  I was one at one point when the PS3 first came out lol.


Not trying to flame but from what I've seen, its mostly from the Sony side who is outspoken and annoying lol.  It's funny sometimes because how many of us jumped ships from SNES to PS1?  I know I did lol.  I used to hate everything xbox w/o ever playing an xbox game.  Until I bought one used for the hell of it.  My co-workers would let me borrow 360 games to try out.  I was impressed by Fable 1.  I was like holy crap its pretty decent lol.


I realized how childish the whole console war was and how pointless it really is.  There's no point in defending a certain console company.  Because at the end of the day, they just want your money lol.

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Re: Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

Jun 4, 2013
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Re: Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

Jun 4, 2013

dc4daniel wrote:

Agreed, the console fanboy is the worst.  I was one at one point when the PS3 first came out lol.


Not trying to flame but from what I've seen, its mostly from the Sony side who is outspoken and annoying lol.  It's funny sometimes because how many of us jumped ships from SNES to PS1?  I know I did lol.  I used to hate everything xbox w/o ever playing an xbox game.  Until I bought one used for the hell of it.  My co-workers would let me borrow 360 games to try out.  I was impressed by Fable 1.  I was like holy crap its pretty decent lol.


You ventured out to try something new and had fun. That's what being a gamer is all about.

And I think the flaming comes equally from both sides.. but, usually more so from the side that thinks they are "winning."


The reason I made this post, is because a few nights ago my brother and I were talking on the phone about it.

We discussed how we had always been into video games, period. We had our preferences, but we always owned multiple consoles as kids and even today. We had friends / family members who (without even playing these other consoles) tell us how the 1 they owned was the best. 


We've always had the latest consoles in our house(s), as well as play video games on our PC's. So, we've always gotten to see the best (and worst) of what each platform had to offer.



Heck, sometimes we still play our older ones. We'll have these little nostalgic weekend nights where we'll hang out and hook up one of his or my older video game consoles. It's fun! Smiley Happy

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Re: Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

Jun 4, 2013

Well, I could also be considered a fanboy, but I do own old Nintendo systems like the Gamecube and Wii, so that makes me a gamer. lol. I don't have an XBOX360 nor a Wii U cuz I don't really see the point of getting them. I guess in the future, just so I can continue building my colection.


So yeah, I'm a gamer. Woop.

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Re: Gamers, "Hardcore" Gamers, and Fanboys -- OH my!

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Jun 4, 2013

Good post, HorrorGod. I consider myself to be a 'Gamer'. Not 'Hardcore' and not 'Casual' either. Since for the most part, I take my time when I pick out the games I want to play. Not just play any old game. As for the systems themselves, generally been with Sony and Nintendo over the years, and never had huge issues with Microsoft.

Never been one to flame other gamers or companies though. It's not worth the time or the effort wasted on that kind of endeavor. Time's better spent having fun and playing the games I love to play. No matter what the genre.

Love to play racing (once in a blue moon), action/adventure, RPG, fantasy and other kinds of games. I enjoy just having fun reading (and at times responding to) other people's posts about gaming as well here on the forums. It's another way of being a gamer... getting the chance to interact with others who share a similar passion.


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