Apr 12 2014
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Gaming etiquette

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Is it just me or is gaming etiquette dead. I remember once upon a time when I would play and occasionally slip up with the n word( I am African American in this era of history afterall) but it started getting annoying when people would use that as fuel to get into my conversation. I regularly talk to a couple of my friends on PSN using Kik messenger and they weren't offended by usage of the word. I'm always positive but I get met with negative response and criticism all the time . I'm not a typical black dude I do enjoy laughing, screwing and yelling at the other players on my screen if something exciting is happening and that's not to offend ally brothers out who are met with discrimination because of the way they look, but not only does that occur I get the annoying gamers. I'm just wondering is there a way to reverse all this bs effery that's been going on in our PSN because it's definitely not cool.
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Re: Gaming etiquette

Apr 12, 2014
Welcome to the internet. Etiquette has been dead here for quite some time. Stick around though because its slowly trying to make a comeback.
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