Aug 19 2013
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I just want a chance to grow in the Youtube community!

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Just as the title states, I have a good amount of time and I would like to deticate it towards my Youtube channel ( - I know what you're thinking the user name sucks lol. But all that aside I just want a chance to expand and grow, so please give me a chance check my channel out and if you like then please subscribe and or give me some helpful tips on the subject. I have plans for that channel, from unboxing videos to giveaways but only if my channel can expand and grow. So please leave me a comment if you have any helpful tips or subscribe if you enjoy my content. Also if you have a channel and in need of a subscriber let me know and i'll swing by to see if I like your channel and i'll subscribe to you. Thank You for your time and once again if you like what you see sub, and or leave a comment on any helpful tips. Peace

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