Apr 23 2014
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IRS Tax Delinquents Get Big Bonuses :(

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i worked for the US Census in 2010 (summer).. i understand what it was like looking for the government..


i'll be prepare this year around..   so next year i'll not write any check to the IRS anymore..


i'll still have to pay taxes.. yes.. but i'll control the money and will distribute it to my local non-profit organizations within my county or state (AZ) ---  through donations under the "WORKING POOR" tax credits.   each place is limited to $200 for single and $400 for couple.... i'll just spread it around


we all have to pay TAXES.. but now.. i'll decide where my taxes will go .. instead of just writing a lump sum check to the IRS each year...


forget tax deductibles... i'm aiming for tax CREDITS instead..

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