Jul 10 2014
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Localizing PS Exclusive Games. Focusing on (Digimon, J-Stars, Yakuza, God Eater, & Gundam)

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Hi! I'm starting this Blog to get the word out  About Localizing Playstation Exclusive Games here in The West.

For now I really want to Focus on "Middle Market" games. Because I feel that's the Area that's being Ignored the most. And because of this ALOT of games aren't being Localized. Now I'm going to list a few games we need to work to bring to the West.

#1 The Digimon Series - (RPG's)  (PSVITA, 3DS)  Now this is a Dual Campaign to bring the Digimon Franchise in general back to The West. Now the 1st game is called "Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth" It's a PSVITA Exclusive game. This game takes Digimon back to the Classic Turn Based JRPG Format. Similar to Digimon World 3. The Artwork for this game is done by the Devil Survivor & Durarara Character Designer "Suzuhito Yasuda"  The game is being developed by "Media Vision" Best known for their work on the Wild Arms Series. The game is slated to come out 2015 for Japan. But with your help we can expand it to The West.

The 2nd game is called "Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode" Which this game pretty much looks like a Re-Imagining of the very 1st Digimon World Game on PS1. It has already been Released in Japan on PSP & 3DS. But we are working to get the 3DS version Localized. If you are interested here is the Petition ( The Petition currently has 42,000+ SIGNATURES!

Bandai Namco said if we can reach 50,000 they will consider Localizing these games. And who knows if we are able to get these 2 games. We might be able to get Digimon World 1, 2, & 3 added to PSN as PS1 Classics!

#2 J-Stars Victory VS - (Fighting) (PS3, PSVITA) Now I'm sure most of you have heard of J-Stars. It's a crossover Fighting game between all of Shonen Jumps popular Manga/Anime Series. Well there are no plans to bring it to the West. So we need to show Bandai Namco that we want this game Localized. Here is the petition (

This Petition currently has 21,000+ SIGNATURES!

With your help we can get this Exclusive Fighting Game Localized!

#3 Yakuza 5 - (Action) (PS3) Now Yakuza is a Franchise that definitely needs to return to The Western Audience. We got Yakuza 1, 2, 3, 4, & Dead Souls. So we should be entitled to Yakuza 5. Here is the Petition (

Now this Petition only has 3000+ Signatures!

Not as impressive as the 1st 2 games mentioned. But It's still worth Fighting for.

#4 Yakuza Restoration (Yakuza Isshin) - (Action) (PS4, PS3) This game is another Spin-Off of the Yakuza Series. It is set in Feudal Japan. It looks like a really great game. That the Yakuza fanbase would enjoy. I think Western PS4 fans would enjoy this game the most. Here is the Petition (

Sadly this Petition is only at 150+ Signatures.

But I honestly dont think the Western Audience knows about this game. But if we can get this game & Yakuza 5 Localized that would Definitely help out the PS3 & PS4's Library!

#5 God Eater 2 - (Action RPG) (PSVITA) This game is a sequel to the original God Eater game for PSP. It came out Last Year on PSVITA & PSP in Japan. But we here in the Western Market are just focusing on the PSVITA version. Since the PSP is pretty much dead here in the West.

But it would be a welcome edition to the PSVITA's Library. Here is the Petition (

We Just hit 500 Signatures today.

We are still waiting to up the amount of Signatures needed.

#6 Gundam Breaker - (Action) (PSVITA) This is a Gundam Game by Bandai Namco. It should be Localized to The West. Because we got plenty of Gundam Games in The Past. And it would be a great addition to the PSVITA's Library. And it's been over 6 years since we got a Non-Dynasty Warriors Gundam Game. Here is the Petition (

This Petition only has 150 Signatures so far.

These are the only games I will list for right now.  But if you can Sign these Petitions. And Comment below saying why you want these games. We can help Sony realize that the Middle market Still Exist.

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Re: Localizing PS Exclusive Games. Focusing on (Digimon, J-Stars, Yakuza, God Eater, & Gundam)

Jul 10, 2014
Petitions aren't allowed on the forums.

And those games are too niche for localization
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Re: Localizing PS Exclusive Games. Focusing on (Digimon, J-Stars, Yakuza, God Eater, & Gundam)

Jul 10, 2014

Well To be Fair JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle was Niche and got localized thanks to a Petition.


And I double Checked the Forum guidelines. I will take this elsewhere.

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Re: Localizing PS Exclusive Games. Focusing on (Digimon, J-Stars, Yakuza, God Eater, & Gundam)

Jul 10, 2014
Talking about Games is not okay, but Obama and Birthday Parties are.

And that is why this Community is a joke.
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