Jan 22 2011
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Memories - PlayStation Underground / GAP

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Dumping a lot of my old backup discs to hard drive and seeing if there still any treasure on them and found one my outlook express backups

Decided to re-import and found this little gem / e-mail.

Interesting to see how thing's have changed and evolved.

From: Playstation-Gamer Advisory Panel

Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 7:40 PM

To: (my old e-mail address)

Subject: Join the Gamer Advisory Panel

(Name), the PlayStation® UndergroundT wants you in the Gamer Advisory Panel. This  is your invitation to put your gaming experience up against other serious  gamers. This is the big time, are you up for it?

You can join by using  your PSU and PIN Number found below:

PSU#: xxxxxxxxxx

PIN#:  xxxx

The Gamer Advisory Panel = the most elite PlayStation gamers.  Active, involved, expert and committed to the future of gaming.

These  gamers are the best. Less than 2% of the PlayStation Underground make it into  the Gamer Advisory Panel.

Only active members retain membership in the  program.*

Do you want to shape the future of gaming? Do you have  something to say? Do you want to have the last word on gaming with your friends?  Are you willing to commit to it?

Gamer Advisory Panel members stay on  top of it. There's a lot of cool stuff happening in the community. Members keep  up and participate.

  An online program that puts you  in touch with the minds of PlayStation.

  A place to interact with other  serious gamers.

  A forum for your ideas on games and the world of gaming  that has real impact.

  Invites to BETA test great games like  SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs** or FINAL FANTASY ® XI**

  Opportunities to help  choose box art for games like Rise to Honor

  Add your voice to Gamer  Advisory Panel surveys and affect the world of gaming

  Bragging rights to  the most exclusive group of PlayStation® gamers

The 2003  Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

E3 was the ultimate gaming convention! 8  members got exclusive access to the three-day expo. They saw it all and posted  video bulletins, pics and journals for all members to read and comment on in the  Gamer Advisory Panel community.

Gamer Giveaways

Sports gear, digital  cameras, MP3 players, scooters and more - Gamer Advisory Panel members get the  chance to win cool prizes each month.

*Note: Please see the G.A.P.  User Agreement for "Activity Criteria".

**Note: The invitation list for  these two beta tests are currently closed. Membership to the G.A.P. does not  guarantee that you will become a beta tester.

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Re: Memories - PlayStation Underground / GAP

Jan 22, 2011

brings back memories

Greatness Awaits
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Re: Memories - PlayStation Underground / GAP

Jan 23, 2011

I still have the hat and the binder. The hat was too small for me and the binder is something I never used other than storing old PS2 games. After that, I stopped recieving stuff from GAP. No more emails nothing. Thus, I stopped posting as often

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