May 08 2014
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Need help with cry of fear

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I know what your thinking why am I so handsome uhm anyway I'm posting this here because I got nowhere to post it I'm not going to make an account just for one question (on their website) basically I'm stuck at the sewers I get the key excited thinking what new monster I will see then I enter the door and bam Ed_alloc something something I googled a solution and I had to update I update to 1.5 (note my version is non steam both the cry of fear and half life) I noticed that the text in notes no longer show up That was the first problem I reached the sewers again and the same thing happened it crashed I tried EVERYTHING the -num 2047 thing didn't work I tried running it as administrator didn't work tried loading the level (via console commands) didn't work tried talking to the game didn't work nothing worked so if your reading this and your a pc/COF expert please help me out and for some reason if the people who made this game are reading this you made a great mod thank you for reading also I tried using the launcher but that didn't work
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