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Feb 11 2013
By: SweetPoison13 MVP Support 11598 posts
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** PlayStation Trivia Contest (February 10th) **

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Welcome to the PlayStation Trivia Contest!


Each week we will be asking a trivia question. The first person to answer this question correctly and completely will be given the rank of “Trivia Buff” for one week or until someone else receives it. If you normally have a regular forum rank then you are eligible to participate. Make your submission count and be sure to check your spelling because if you edit your reply or post more than once in this thread then you will be disqualified.



Trivia Question of the Week

(February 10th, 2013)




In Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch there are 8 pieces of heart that Oliver can collect and store in his locket. Identify each of them.



Check our global announcements every weekend to see when the next PlayStation Trivia Contest will go live!

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Re: ** PlayStation Trivia Contest (February 10th) **

Feb 11, 2013
Love, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Belief, Ambition, Courage, Kindness, Restraint
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Re: ** PlayStation Trivia Contest (February 10th) **

Feb 11, 2013

Congratulations, lazarojenrry! You were the first person to answer this trivia question correctly and completely.


The answers we were looking for this week were Enthusiasm, Courage, Restraint, Kindness, Belief, Confidence, Love, and Ambition.


NOTE: It might take a little while for the rank change to take effect. Please be patient.

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