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Re: Should We Fight Piracy?

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Apr 19, 2014

JohnKarnes wrote:

Yes we should Fight Piracy. But we should do it the way steam and Playstation is doing it today. Sales! We talk about a limited window for game sales, but up to the present time. We never saw any big game sales. They sold them then they were gone off the shelfs. Not all but i feel a big part of Piracy is from people that cant afford the price. The greatest hits games at $19.99 slowed it a lot. But you have to think sub $10 games will deal another big blow to Piracy.


(The "but... but... but... Steam!" argument is not applicable and here's why; Steam are not selling games that cheap to be "swell guys". In most instances they are selling games that cheap because they are no longer selling in volume anymore. It's not a bargain that you can buy a five to seven year old game for three bucks. At that point you're doing them a favor. Also Sony sells other stuff besides video games, and they will not deliberately under cut themselves on their own product, and risk alienating retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Wal Mart. When was the last time you saw PC games in a store, or at least a wide selection of them?) 


I would also like to see a tax credit for Devs that have lowered the cost of games. How could it hurt to sell games for $9.99 or less after 3-5 years. Many of us are buying games on sale we would never have picked up new. Is it the smaller proffit that makes this not worth the trouble to Devs? I dont know but it is proffit and it will halp low income people stay honest.


(Many states and municipalities already give tax breaks to new start up businesses, and to lure buisnesses into certain areas. If you're suggesting giving sales tax breaks to consumers, not gonna happen. This once again falls under the "swell guys" line of thinking that many think should run the industry)


Take the PS3 you could double or triple the life of it by turning it into a steam box. Old games sell you just have to be willing to lower the price. Take $10 off a year and people will continue to buy it. Turn it digital only after a year and keep it going. Why is it that long turm game sells are Taboo. With Retail yes because of production cost. But the new digital market there is no reason not to.



(Here's why the industry doesn't like "long term game sales". It's because it prevents you from buying NEW games. If you're buying old games at a lower profit margin, then you're not buying NEW games at a higher profit margin. And if we went by your business model, I wouldn't have saved twenty bucks games like Mafia 2 that was only about three weeks old and discounted $20 at Best Buy. I've saved more money my way than I would if we waited it out and did it your way.


Retail has an advantage over digital games and here's why; because retailers like Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us and Wal Mart COMPETE to get you in the store. How do they do that? By giving you DISCOUNTS on certain merchandise like video games. Digital distribution does not have that kind of competition. I can't buy a digital game from Target's site or Best Buy. I have to buy it from  the Playstation Store. No competition = pay higher prices.  


I've never understood this obsession with Steam. This is what's always bothered me about Steam. When I pay money for a game, I want THE GAME. I'm not paying for the privilege of installing their digital store front on my PC, that will crash it or do god knows what else.  For all the gamepad legal experts out there, no one has caught on that what Valve and Steam does is questionable to say the least. The United States Supreme Court ruled in 1999 in the case of The US v. Microsoft that it was illegal to bundle a third piece of software and FORCE people to use it. Also by incorporating the Steamworks program into a game's code, it shuts it off from being sold on any other download service like Direct2Drive. Looks like Gabe Newell learned that little trick when he worked for Microsoft. Yet "gamers" who are all so quick to file class action lawsuits against Sony, give Valve a free pass when it comes to this. Guess three dollars for a ten year old game saves you a lot of money on lawyers). 



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