Jun 04 2013
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For those of you who haven't been keeping up, there's a giant protest occuring in Turkey facing heavy government resistance and repression. It started as a peaceful protest in Istanbul's Takzim Gezi park (think NYC's Central Park) against the park's pending demolition to construct a shopping mall over it. It quickly escalated when Turkish police fired tear gas and water cannons at the protesters. Now pretty much all of Turkey (and certainly its biggest cities) is in disarray with protesters and police clashing. Thousands have been injured so far, and the Turkish government, specifically Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, have been trying their best to silence the protests. Erdogan has been condemning the use of social media to spread awareness, and overall he hasn't allowed much coverage to get out. Most of Turkey's news has been centered around the world's ugliest cat or something like that.


Anyway, I just wanted to post this so everyone can know what's happening right now. You may feel like you're not affected directly, but history is occuring right now and we don't know for sure what effects it will bring.


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Re: Turkey

Jun 5, 2013

This is tragic.

The reason why there's very little coverage, is due to corporations performing "media blackouts", restricting exactly whats covered.
Even the local news isn't showing the people who are getting senslessly beaten by police.
Simply because there are "special interests" involved in Turkey.

There are also police who don't even know WHY they were ordered to perform riot control.


This not only was about a park, which is the LAST standing area in the province that is green, but is also about the Prime Minister who constantly stripping away the civil liberties of its people.



This is exactly what CAN and will happen in the US if corporations continue to run the government through "special interest groups" and continue chipping away at the US Constitution. 
There are already states that are ignoring any laws that are clearly in violation of the constitution

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