May 23 2013
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Two Trophy Ideas

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Trophy Idea #1


Okay, it would be great if they made achieving trophies more interesting than seeing who can get the most trophies. For example, if I achieved the platinum trophy I would get a free theme from the playstation store. This would be a great idea that would keep players interested in trying to get all the trophies for surprises. It would also add replay value in a way. Below are some examples.


Please Note: Every gold, silver, bronze, and hidden trophy doesn't have to have something to unlock. The platinum trophy is a must though seeing as there are only one. Besides, it would take maybe a week just to get the platinum trophy especially because of the hidden trophies. All that effort just to get that platinum should be rewarding!

Keep in mind that these are just examples. The unlocks for the trophes below don't necessarily have to be what I came up with.


-Platinum Trophy: Regular or dynamic theme of the game

-Gold Trophy: Playstation Home item unlocked

-Silver Trophy: Exclusive/regular items unlocked for multiplayer and single player

-Bronze Trophy: Avatar unlock of one of the characters in the game

-Hidden Trophy: Surprise unlock (mystery)


I would recommend this for all games that support the trophy feature, but i'm not sure if it's up to Sony or the developers. I do recommend it for exclusive titles to the PS3, PS Vita, PSN, or PS4 if it's not possible for non-exclusive titles. Oh, and those trophies that have something to unlock should be kinda hard to obtain.


Trophy Idea #2


It would be great if they gave us clues or riddles for the hidden trophies as I hover over a hidden trophy when i'm looking to see which ones i'm missing. You could spend all week playing a game and still not figure it out unless you go on the internet and cheat.


That is all. Thank you very much for reading this post!

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Re: Two Trophy Ideas

May 23, 2013


Idea # 1 is already there in a way. Certain games already come with free un-lockable content - you just have to do something in the first place. Or when you insert a disc and make a save file it unlocks. Usually Developers give away "free content" if you pre-order their game though.


And for # 2, most trophies hunters just go online to or to see what the hidden trophies really are.


Getting Platinum in a hard game is very rewarding in the first place, but if they give away a neat dynamic theme I wouldn't mind that.

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Re: Two Trophy Ideas

May 23, 2013
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Re: Two Trophy Ideas

May 23, 2013

they need to add 10$ to our psn account for every platinum trophy.

5$ for gold trophy

3$ for silver trophy

1$ for bronze trophy

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