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Re: Welcome New MVPs!

Apr 12, 2014

StephieRawks wrote:
Wow...can we all pause a minute and put on our big girl panties or big boy pants?'re making me look like the mature one, and I don't like it! :smileytongue:

There's a scene in the movie First Knight where King Aurthur offers Lancelot a knighthood and a place at the round table, and another knight can't believe he would bestow that honor. King Aurthur then tells Lancelot that what he offers is a life of service, not a life of privilege.

That's how most of us feel about the MVP program. We should be honored and humbled and continually strive our best to improve the community, whether it's by bringing fun and entertainment, being helpful and informative, or all that and more.

It isn't (or shouldn't be) a "look at me, I'm better than you" kind of thing. If, for example, an insufferable attention-seeker was made an MVP, I would hope that person would take this opportunity to grow up and do their best to live up to the title they were given. Granted, no one is perfect, and screenings should still be more thorough in the first place, but the new MVPs should still have a chance to prove (and maybe improve) themselves. They should also know that MVPs are under greater scrutiny than the rest of the community and there's never a guarantee that their title will be renewed for the next wave.

Congrats to all the new MVPs. I hope you make the best of this opportunity to serve the community.




For a second you almost had me with the "Big girl panties" but then you dropped the knowledge. What a segue :smileyhappy: from big girls & big boys underwear to perfectly explaining what it means to be given a title to any person anywhere in any position they hold. All of this without watering down the Myth of King Aurthur & its Round Table nor overstating what  the MVP program is.


Stephie you do Rawk Furthermore, I like the way you think :smileywink:

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