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Re: What's your OLDEST OS? PC/Laptop?

Feb 23, 2014

My first machine was  a Tandy 1000HLX, dual 5.25 floppy drives, one for the OS to boot and the other drive for programs.  It had 64K mem and it hooked up to my tv.  Used to play a lot of "Thexderr" on it.  When I finally upgraded, I got a custom PC... lol.. 256K memory, 10 gig hard drive, no CD, (eventually I got a 2X CD-Rom for 500 bucks put it so I could play 7Th Guest).   I used to go online with 9600 baud modem to go on bulletin boards.  This was with DOS 3.0.  Eventually, I added a sound blaster sound card so I could play more Sierra games, "Space Quest" was one of my favorites.  I remember having multiple Config.sys and AutoExec.bat files for each game I was playing, (Sierra games required at least 600k Low memory).

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