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Re: Why is life so hard sometimes

Apr 3, 2014

Can you please close this thread :[ im sorry guys i feel so depressed i didn't know what to do and i still dont know what to do to keep her not doing anything to hurt herself 

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Re: Why is life so hard sometimes

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Apr 3, 2014

BaltRavensFan20 wrote:


renatabls wrote:

Da_Almighty_Guy wrote:

renatabls wrote:

Sorry about your friend, you must really like her... can't she abort the baby? In my country you can abort a baby if you were raped.



It's her choice. She really has 3 choices:


  1. Abort the child
  2. Have the child and give it away
  3. Have the child and she cares for it.


She could also just have it and leave it in an alley or something, but that's might be worse than just aborting it in my eyes.

Yeah, i don't know if you guys had another rule for this type of stuff, but i myself would abort the child. Smiley Frustrated

I am a very pro-life person (I'm typically against murder, be it murdering a baby with an abortion or murdering an abhorrent criminal with the death penalty)


HOWEVER, this is one of the exceptions I have to my opinon.   If a woman was raped she should be allowed to have an abortion and should not be made to feel guilty over making such a decision. 

See this is what fustrates me about abortion and honestly ticks me off. Why would someone rather kill a innocent human being, instead of just putting them up for adoption and let someone else who wants to, care for the child? What is so wrong or is such an issue about just putting the baby up for adoption? Either way if you really don't want to care for the child, you won't be, because either way you are giving up the baby. Why not let the kid just live instead of killing it? I'd like to ask you all how you would have felt if you found out your parents were thinking about aborting you and not letting you come into this world?


I appologize if I offend anyone here, I have really strong feelings on abortion and can;t imagine just killing a innocent human being because no one wants it. Its upsetting for me.

Maybe they can't afford the massive costs that come with the proper care for a child?


Maybe they are young and don't want to deal with the significant social stigma that is associated with youth pregnancy, let alone a child 'conceived' due to rape.


Maybe they aren't ready to give up nine months of their lives in order to allow for proper development of the unborn child (and that's assuming they can afford to).


Maybe the major anatomical changes that come with a baby are a wee bit daunting, not to mention the pain of childbirth and the fact that you could die.


Maybe they value their life over that of a child they've never met, don't want, and barely exists?


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