Apr 26 2013
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dear playstation

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if u guys could make patches and apps i don't see why u can't

make some type of software or app called custom tracks

for games that don't have em and then after awhile u

guys can release a patch for the app to update it

some of my most fun games i played i can't enjoy as much

sometimes because sometimes i think if only it had custom tracks

most of them i play now is blazblue games,devil may cry 4

fist of the north star kens rage,mortal kombat and the naruto storm games

Please please think about it I truey believe that everyone would enjoy it
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Re: dear playstation

Apr 26, 2013
also can u look at bros account his his account still says he is a sub account his birthday already past his birthday was March 12th he's 18 now his psn name is onimushun
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