Aug 27 2012
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DC Universe upgraded to legendary no DLC Packs get error

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I have searched the ends of the earth and I can not resolve this. Sony says the only place that can help me is here.  I upgraded to legendary and have no idea how to play the DLC Packs or how to get them.  I assumed I needed to do one of two things:

1.  Go to the marketplace in the game.  No dice.  No optioons show me anything related to packs.  

2.  Playstation Store.  When there, I did a search for DC Universe and found the packs.  I selected each one thinking it would recognize me as an upgraded legendary membership and give me the ability to download them for free.  When selecting them I get a message that says "this content cannot be accessed on your account"  


A lot of other complaints I read people kept saying when you upgrade they are already there and no need to download.  Ok call me a dummy but I have no idea where to look to find or play them.  It's like a puzzle I can't solve.  Please help!!!!!! 

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