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Feb 18 2010
By: NightRaven77 First Son 7 posts

SingStar Queen question

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I notice that Europe has 30 Queen tracks available on their version of the SingStore.  Twenty-five tracks are available on the disc-based release.  Europe and North America received a slightly differernt track list.  They (EU) got "Bicycle Race", we (NA) got "Save Me", but they could download "Save Me" and the 4 others.  Any word if/hopefully when we could get additional Queen songs?  I really want to purchase "Bicycle Race" and "Princes of the Universe".
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First Son
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Re: SingStar Queen question

Aug 30, 2012


I really want Bicycle Race too I would rather have that than Save Me and Fat Bottomed Girls but I guess you would have to get a european port. I think the main reason the US version doesnt have Bicycle Race is the music video because the US wasnt too fond of the cover or poster that was on the Album!

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