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Sep 04 2012
By: meangene55 First Son 2 posts

Walking Dead Episode 3.Can't Finish.!!!! (CAUTION-Spoilers!!!)

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After a conversation with the hobo at the front deck of the train,

I walked back through the control room,past Kenny and out the back door towards the engines.


All the scenery turned upside down.

It's like I'am looking up through the trees from the ground but can't see the train or anything else.


I blindly just wandered with the controller and ended up back in the control room

where Kenny just keeps telling me to leave him alone.


I'M STUCK !!!   **bleep** !!!


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Re: Walking Dead Episode 3.Can't Finish.!!!! (CAUTION-Spoilers!!!)

Sep 6, 2012

I had the same thing happen, I just restarted the game and was able finish the episode.

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