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Apr 02 2010
By: Baba0Booey I Only Post Everything 1278 posts

Age Of Zombies Review

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Greetings fans of my reviews, I know I have been away for a few months, I needed to take a slight break from the forums for my own reasons, but now im back in full force. So to you guys who know who I am..Hello! and to alot of the new faces I see around....Hello!!

For you new people I am/was a regular user of these forums and some lurkers may recognise my name butting heads with other members.....*cough*Xaigen*cough* lol. But im a light hearted man with a wife who LOOOVES to play video games, im a regular guy and my reviews are from that point of view, no holds barred nothing to gain nothing to lose. So enough about me, on to what is most important....the games!!

**Note, normaly I include images with these reviews but sadly there are no good ones to use, and im not about to take pictures of my psp while it plays lol, also this was a request from a forum member, so here you go my friend, hope you enjoy**


Age of Zombies

MOOOOOORRRREEEEE BRRRRRRRAAAIIIINNNNSS!!!! Hello everyone it's time to grab those shotguns, handguns, SMG's, miniguns and other small ordinances and get ready for another jaunt into the realm of zombie head stomping. Lets start off by saying I LOVE zombie games, movies, etc so when this was requested of me I didnt hesitate to buy it and give it the once over. You start the game as the ever hardcore Barry Steakfries, a tough as nails hero who works for a company.......Hmmmmmmmmm does this ring a bell *cough*zombie tycoon anyone*cough* Well anyway you are in the labratory with a coworker who has surupticiously created a vortex in the space time continum and has created zombie hoards in various time frames.

.......Time travelling zombie stomping......Fooken awesome!!!! so after a short introduction cut scene you are whisked away to prehistoric time where the population of cavemen are strangely absent......Hmmmmmm OH NO there are cavemen but they are zombie cavemen. Now gameplay involves you wandering around a medium themed level simply annihilating hoardes and hoardes of zombies. They spawn from vortexes in the ground and its up to you to assault them with a small array of weapons.

It's pretty simple gameplay....point....shoot....kill and don't die. As you pregress through each level and are slaughtering a mass amount of zombies your character spouts the most dry, and lame one liners.......and frankly i find that charming as hell, most people I feel would find this stupid and lacking of creativity, but once you read some of these things you just might come to the realisation that these bleh one liners are intended. Nobody writes these kind of one liners thinking they are original, they are so cliche and predictable that it gives them a sence of campy charm, franly i love them and find them funny as all hell.

now to be quite honest there really isnt much to this mini, its the same thing through each level, you start killing zombies in prehistoric time, then move to 1930's gangster chicago, then ancient egypt, then feudal japan....which is my favorite, then finally the future, the only thing different is at the end of the final level, which is the future, you fight a robotic form of your coworker who has unleashed these hoards of zombies throught time.

Now don't get me wrong, it may sound like i didnt much care for this game, but in actuality I rather enjoyed it. Each timeframe has its own set of sound effects as far as some supernatural announcer telling you what item you just picked up and music. My only problem really was....well frankly it was too short, now I can hear you all already "Its a mini dummy its not like a FF7" but I have minis that are twice as long. Now its saving grace is that it has a survival mode where you can just play as long as you can survive on any of the maps you have unlocked, which is cool but the game itself begs for a longer storyline.


Overall if you like zombies, simple gameplay, cheesy oneliners, violence, and something that...well lets face it you can play for 5-10 minutes and accomplish something, check this game out. Its a fun little mini, with a decent amount of fluff to offer, I honestly think that this game could have seen a bit more in the way of development, but all in all, its fine as is.



Gameplay: Zombies are way cool, guns, bombs and flamethrowers as well as other weapons add to the variety and well lets face it, they're also cool. The storyline is a bit sparse but the "script" sort of makes up for it and the voice acting is a hoot in some levels. Aside from the repetative storyline, its not so bad, and the survival mode is a hoot, so it has redeeming qualities. I give the gameplay a 6.5


Graphics: For a mini and a game of this type I found the graphics to be refreshing and I enjoyed them, it has a cartoony feel to it with bobblehead type characters and crisp worlds. I give the graphics a solid 8


Sound: Well lets face it, when you make a zombie game the sound effects are pretty generic, weaponsfire, zombie sounds and background music, pretty straight forward. I give the sound a 7


Price: $4.99, well I guess this is a fair price, and I say that with a level of hesitation being as its a rather short game, but the saving grace is the games comedic value and the survival mode feature which adds to its replayability value. Price factor gets a 6


Replayability: Even though once you are done thats it, no more story obviously, but survival mode to the rescue, which has each of the levels that you unlocked playing through the story line, so on that note ill give the replayability a 7.5


Fun Factor: Fun factor on this game is definatly a blast, lots of laughs and guffaws, the one liners are dry but funny, its an obvious attempt at "schtik" and I find it charming, the gameplay fun factor is so-so but the dialouge makes up for it, ill give the FF a 7



Overall Rating 7/10

Math says 7 out of 10, which is a bit generous for this title, but hey it has redeeming qualities so its warranted. All in all its a pretty fun game, and is a fairly good deal. If you're like me and enjoy zombie killing definatly pick this one up, its got campy value and could be a great addition to your game collection.


Well there you have it folks, I understand this one may be a little weak as far as the overall presentation is concerned, but cut me spme slack its been a few months since i wrote one of these and its going to take 1-2 to warm back up. So all that aside i hope you enjoyed it and found it at least somewhat informative lol


Thanks for reading!!!

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Re: Age Of Zombies Review

Apr 2, 2010

Nice review

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Re: Age Of Zombies Review

Mar 15, 2011

I agree nicely done!

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Re: Age Of Zombies Review

Mar 18, 2011

Very good work. Now I want it even less.

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