Nov 09 2012
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Error code 80117003

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I recieved the error code 80117003 when trying to transfer a downloaded game from my PS3 to the PSP.  The game is Little Big Planet for PSP.  I used the PS3 to download it because it is much faster than the PSP.  I have never had a problem transfering downloads before.  Does anyone know what that error code means?

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Re: Error code 80117003

Nov 10, 2012
One question is your PS3 have an active connection to the internet at the time your doing the transfer. If not that is your problem.
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Re: Error code 80117003

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Nov 18, 2012

Im also having this error aswell w/ both of the PSP games they gave out for free after that whole issue when the PSN was down. I can't find the code anywhere on the net on what it means. I know im still using the old PSP1000 but that shouldnt matter since i was able to download Lords of Arcania to my PS3 and copy it over to the PSP w/ no problems.


The games im having the error code show up on is the LBP and Modnation for PSP. I did notice theres that little yellow bubble that shows on the 60 min trial games or what not on them.. im retryin to dled them via my PSP to see if i get it there.


I did have PS+ but its expired atm.



As of 11/18/12 @ 8:56a MST Arizona


I was able to download, install (even tho it takes longer) and play from the Store off the PSP. Sooo im guessing its jsut a PS3 Store thing.

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