May 01 2013
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PSP analog drifting

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Hi PSP Users,
                        I have a PSP 3000, It was working fine but one day when i was playing Virtual Tennis 3,I made the player move right using my analog,when i was doing that action due to battery down the system turned off and when i charged it up and turned it on and started to play a game, i noticed the character or object move towards right although my analog was in center position. When i gave it to the service center they are too lazy,They kept the PSP for a week or two and returned it back and said everything is fine but this problem is always there.So I kindly request all the users to help me relieve from this problem 

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Re: PSP analog drifting

Jul 2, 2013

I had the same problem for my psp as well but it drifts to the left and like you said one day it was fine but on the next it wasn't.


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