Oct 08 2012
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Syphon Filter Servers Were Migrated (Please Read Sony Support)

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Hello Sony, I was wondering if you could bring Syphon And Socom Back Online Because Million of people are really mad!

Syphon And Socom were really active Servers! More and Same player on each day having fun playing and talking. I seen that Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow came online again in July then it went down again. Please i beg you not to make people mad!

Ruining a good game by shutting them down is a bad choice on making money. People still buy the game and want to play online and then get mad! 


If you could bring those games to life again. People would stop being mad.



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Re: Syphon Filter Servers Were Migrated (Please Read Sony Support)

Oct 9, 2012

Sony almost never replies to posts in these forums.  It doesn't read them routinely either. If you want to request the restoration of game servers, you should do that in the PS.Blog.Share site (http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/).  If Sony accepts your idea submission, that means that they might consider it; provided that you can get enough of your "millions" of fellow players to vote for the idea. 


Apparently not enough people were buying the games, otherwise Sony would not have shut down the servers in the first place.

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Re: Syphon Filter Servers Were Migrated (Please Read Sony Support)

Oct 9, 2012

the guy above me is the biggest **bleep** on these forums.  disregard everything he says.


i think your post is perfect.  why the hell don't they allow infrastructure for the most popular games on psp?  good question.  they have created infrastructure mode for games from the 1980's that never had online play and leave those servers online when NOBODY PLAYS THE GAMES!  but on the most popular titles they take the servers down.


obviously they are scheming (scamming!) to take more of your money to have infrastructure on a game you used to have it on previously.


ridiculous.  same reason they are realeasing ANOTHER ps3 instead of a ps4.... even in the face of EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE MAKER RELEASING A NEXT GEN CONSOLE!  who the hell wants a "super slim" - how RETARDED IS THAT!?!?!? who the hell makes these idiotic decisions over there?  it's like a microcosm of our national economy.  YOU CAN'T BE A LEADER WHEN YOU ONLY FOLLOW AND TRY TO SWEEP UP THE LEFTOVER CASH...


i'm tired of this effing bs... i'm getting the 720 instead.  i can only recommend for you and everyone that reads this to do the same.


SONY - Go F Yoursel\ves (you're already in the process)


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