Aug 08 2011
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psp slim left trigger problem

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ok, so me and my brother both have psp slims..he had to get a new one because his left trigger was stuck and he couldnt type or anything because it just kept going..his start and select buttons were also the same way. i told him it was because he needs to take care of his psp..well ive had mine for like three years now without any problems but all of a sudden MY left trigger is on rapid fire and just firing away, all by itself..i cant play my games because the left trigger wont stop pressing itself..

is there a  way to fix this problem? i take good care of my slim

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Re: psp slim left trigger problem

Aug 8, 2011

According what I found on google. It's possible that the button is just stuck (gummed up). It's also possible something in the direction board is going. The directional board handles all buttons on the left side (L button, d-pad and analog stick) of the PSP.

You have a couple of options available.

1.) You can open the unit up yourself and see if you can fix the problem.

2.) You can contact Sony and have them repair it. I don't know the cost for repair though.

3.) You can go to a third party repair company such as Gophermods (link) and have them repair it for $30. 

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