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Lombax Warrior
Registered: 06/09/2009
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Re: Not sure, should i get a PSP 3000 or a Go?

Sep 15, 2010


remanutd5 wrote:

p4s2p0 wrote:


glaciusx25 wrote:

The Go is usually best if you never owned a PSP before. You just can't sell the games ever, but that's okay.

Even if u have never owned a psp its nice to have access to all psp games. Go would be better for the music and moveis buffs that want to game casually


hey dont start with that crap please , the PSP GO is more portable but its still a playstation just like the others ,its true that there isnt alot , i mean a lot of games on PSN but there are the Metal Gears , The grand theft autos , FF Dissidia , the Monster Hunters , Valkyria Chronicles , LBP, the Syphon Filters , the Wipeouts , GT , Motorstorm , ModNation , the Hot Shots , the Patapons , The Locorocos , etc , etc , theres plenty of games on PSN , true that theres no Crisis Core , Kingdom Hearts and a very few others stellar games but for the most part i would say theres a good portion of the best the system can offer on PSN already or just because i dont play Crisis Core , Kingdom Hearts im not a hardcore gamer like you ? lol please , dont start that crap here my friend i have GO and im a gamer ( not casual btw ) and i have a pretty decent PSP GO library already , to the OP its best for you to try the GO in your hands to see if you feel comfortable with it and take a look at all the games that are on PSN already and future releases ( there might be a game that you desperately want to play and its not on PSN yet so that could be a good decision to get the 3000 )


Down, fanboy, down!  *hits over the head with a rolled up newspaper* Bad boy!


3000= larger screen + ALL PSP games + needs memory cards (use the extra money from the lower price to get one) + combo packs w/ different color PSP's + may need to carry UMD's + DD compliant

go= smaller screen + fewer PSP games + built in memory + only 2 colors + DD only + blue tooth

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