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Hekseville Citizen
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Re: Should Sony Abandon the PSP?

Jan 11, 2010

I think the author didn't have nothing else to write about.  Comparing the sales of a PSP to sales and image of the PS3 is retarded.  One is portable and one is home console.  I want of play Super Stardust at work,  I want to create levels for LBP at the Doctors office, I want to play PJM at Jury Duty. 


He said also that since the PSP is failing to make a dent in the DS and it is playing second fiddle..... So What!!! Yeah, we should all stop buying anything PSP and shut up and get a DS or I-phone. 


If that is the case then the PS3 and 360 should just abandon their consoles since they are both playing second fiddle to the Wii!!!!!!!!!  The DS is the Wii of portables.  Its going to sell more.   I want better games to play ON THE GO.  Not at home.  DS has more games.  But I still want PS titles to play.  For every 1 good game PSP have, there about 25 shovelware titles for DS.


With all that being said I dont blindly see past issues that the PSP have.  Like stop trying to develop a new model every year and just use that money for better games.  Or please make an up to date browser for using the web: online banking, u-tube, entering text, checking and recieving e-mails.  Before someone post about it can do some of these things, I know but it should be more user friendly.

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