Apr 17 2011
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Am I the only one dissapointed so far?

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Alright, I'm a big patapon addict (or was) so I got patapon 3 on the first day...but something is wrong, I played it and haven't felt like playing it again so far...

I've gotten to the cave part now (not far in) and some impressions

- I liked the old level selection better

- I'm not keen on online stuff that much and I just realised that patapon is now for a large part focused on the online stuff

- where is my army?

and a few other things that just seem off, on which I can't quite put my finger.

Patapon 2 was perfect, 80% offline, 20% the online is taking over.

anything else I should know though if I continue? apparantly your hero level only goes to a certain level offline and you need to play online to go higher.


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Re: Am I the only one dissapointed so far?

Apr 17, 2011

You know, I have to agree with you.

Even though I'm about to argue about the game, I think that the problem is with me. Here are the things I'm trying to understand from the game and what I feel like a drag:

-First off is the leve-up function. Before it was only about you getting high-quality weapons for you and your army to use against. As you progress the game, you get stronger ones for stronger foes. Now it's leving up, not only your hero, but also the other warriors, and not only 4, but the whole classes in Patapon 3. Perhaps I don't like this because I'm really tyred of "level-up" games *cough*pokemon*cough*. I never really liked them.

-Second is the navigation of the game. I guess in time I'll get used to it, but right now I'm having a bit of trouble, since I don't know which is the best place for kaching, materials, and/or level-up PTS. I feel a bit lost, since I just go to places with "new" and pretty much do trial and error. In Patapon 2 it was straight foward: go to that tower and play the next level to continue the story. I like the whole "cave" idea, but I would of preffered like a old map view and choose the places to go for missions, upgrades and such.

-3rd is the lack of having this huge Patapon army owning. Now it's only 4 patapon with one hero... what? I loved looking at those thousands of arrows frlying in the air with 3 horses raming the bad guys... *sign*.

-4th is hte upgrading of the weapons, I'll probably get over this later, but right now it's a bit hard to know what to up-grade, which like leveling up your patapon, is irking me. That's a personal annoyance though, not the game.

I have to say I like the online. Mostly on the co-op. VS seems a bit pointless if you ask me, but fun to have.

I love the game, but I just needs to get used to it. I think Patapon 3 was a huge leap in game mechanics and left no trail for me to follow: I have to find that trail myself.

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