Apr 18 2011
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Patapon Vs Matches Set-ups

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New Doods added to my clan Smiley Surprised And just saw Joseocam


- Fenrir

- Keita (HalfPersistent)

- M!/!n@ (Milinani)

- Banok (banok)

- Jalim (ChristopherLeoki)

- Luffy (experl00killer)

- nlke (nlkeman_US)

- DARK (truedemonsnake)

- Logan (beatsboy)

- Gattsu (Gattsu7)

- agape (lownyou21)

- Drixx (DrixxInDaHouse)

- Seri (ASDFG124-_-)

- Pata (checker_ch)

- jbkvx (pfx5)

- Orbi (locomix212)


- Titty (dynamodyke)

Im making this post to Compare teams and to plan some VS games, cuz i've tried to play a couple of games with some members and nothing -.- ( i dont even care if you played one yet and maybe im lold cuz i havent played any VS game so dont come to rub it ¬¬) This maybe helps us out to get some shard points

Here are some pics of the Clan:

My availability is from: Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Staurday , From 4:00 - 6:00 - 8:00 - 9:00 (PM) sometimes at 11:00 am.

So lets make an orgaizated VS match someday

Fenrir Fgs.bmp

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Re: Patapon Vs Matches Set-ups

May 22, 2011

Now De the high demand, We gonna give you. Team Members, Spiffy Nicknames.

Well...the only ones i can think of now are:

The Scream

The Wall

The Tank

The Flak

The Blitz

The Ripper

The Wizzard

The Dracos

The Rampart

The Wolf

The Lion

An idk...

The Toilet? Well maybe not. maybe it get flushed out... nvm

So got any idea, and you're a team member, well, post your Nickname, and you'll be called as it.

If Im Going Down Im Taking You With Me!
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Re: Patapon Vs Matches Set-ups

Jun 16, 2011

I'd like to join you're team, I havent had any VS matches either lol, my name ingame is Sakido(ID:icytux) my Heroes are...
Kibadda: Lv.31                                Taterazay: Lv.3                                 Yumiyacha: Lv.2

Pyokorider: Lv.31                             Tondenga: Lv.8
Piekron: Lv.23                                  
Wooyari: Lv.23
Yarida: Lv.25
Cannasault: Lv.16
Charibasa: Lv.24

I'm constantly training the low level ones though =/

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