Feb 05 2011
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Release info for Japan and the 100 hour Full of Suprises Demo!

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Well I was browsing the Japanese playstation store and i came across this video....

It was posted on 2-2-2011, and still no one has posted anything about this on the forums, but then again the Patapon Series (PSP) forum ins kinda dead atm.  I don't understand any japanese but it's pretty obivious that at the end of the video when it says 2011/4/28 it means the release date for Japan.  Don't mean to be a downer but that kinda makes the March 9th release for america false, seeing as Japan will most likely get this game first.  So that means we won't be getting this until April 28th at the earliest

Anyways if someone sees this post with in the next month, and they happen to understand japanese (darn language barriers), I'd really appreciate it if you could affirm this for me.

-----------------------------SPOILERS BELOW-----------------------------------

Also in the video it shows stuff about the 100 hour Full of Suprises demo.

This demo is so awesome and i can't wait for an english version.

Here's what i've found so far

-Tons of l33t weapons and armours

-9 classes availible to play as, the 6 from the multiplayer beta and 3 new ones

-Three new classes are

Frog class

-Uses spears and halbeards and a sheild.  Jumps like a frog and throws spears, once upgraded he throws more spears and they explode like Yaripon hero, they also summon a lighting bolt where the spear(s) hit doing extra damage.  Speacil is activated by pon pon chaka chaka, the speacil makes him go into a squating position, and he gets a number above his head that counts down to zero.  The first time you do ponchaka you get 1.2x damage for 20 seconds, if you do ponchaka again the next beat you get 1.5x damage for 40 seconds, and if you do ponchaka the next beat you get 2x damage for 60 seconds, the thrid time is also the highest you can go.

Gaurida class

-Uses great sheilds and normal tatepon/dekapon weapons.  His speacil is activated by chaka chaka pata pon.  It creates a huge sheild wall that protects people behind it from just about anything.

Pingke (I think thats what it's called, its baisically the penguin rarepon and a mahopon)

-A purely supportive unit, you can't do damage with it.  It's actions are

-pon pon pata pon   Shoots an icebolt that does no damage and can freeze enemies

-Chaka chaka pata pon    does the speacil for the wand that is equiped, i dont under stand japanese but the speacils range from healing to sheilds etc

-pon pon chaka chaka then chaka chaka pata pon    Does hero speacil, creates an ice temple that heals all friendly units within the aura of the temple, healing small amounts rapidily ( 1 to 60 depending on staff), if temple takes certain amount of damage it is destroyed and hero is knocked out for a while unless you do pata pon don chaka

-pon pon chaka chaka then pon pon pata pon   Shoots a small iceberg wall in front of troops, stops enemies from advancing, enemies can destroy it

-You can now upgrade weapons in the forge, but you can't upgrade rare weapons (those with an orange name)

-Online is super customizable

-Clan support, thogh i don't really understand how it works

-You can change you clan flag emblem

-You can look at other peoples stats when they are in a party with you, shows stuff like time spent playing, a saying that you can edit, etc (some people have like 300 hours of game play xD)

-You can sell excess weapons and materials

-Multi layered dungeons

-You can resurect yourself with x, xx, xx in multi player, its a bit more complex thatn just that but i dont feel like explaining it

-Lots more stuff that i don't understand

I can't wait for the english version

Oh and i predict that Patapon 3 won't be out until early May =/

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Re: Release info for Japan and the 100 hour Full of Suprises Demo!

Feb 7, 2011

yub at last someone with  a brain!

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Re: Release info for Japan and the 100 hour Full of Suprises Demo!

Feb 11, 2011

Do you have the demo yourself? I do and its AWESOME. Even though I don't understand japaneeses it still great

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Re: Release info for Japan and the 100 hour Full of Suprises Demo!

Feb 25, 2011

Awesome post bro, I hope to see you on the battlefield once Patapon 3 finally comes out.

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