Jun 07 2011
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Unexpected Occurence

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I'm having an issue with Patapon 3. Ever since I redeemed the code for online play it acts very strange, but that's only when I try to play online. I understand that it may take awhile to get a connection to other players, but if an error occurs, the game freezes.

I tried to fix this by pressing the home button and leaving to the XMB menu, but my PSP freezes as well, leaving me with only a "Please Wait".

It's very frustrating since it forces me to remove the battery of my PSP so that I'm able to play again.

I just want to know if there is a way to fix this as well as if anyone else has experienced a problem like this.

Also, I have a PSP 1000, 2GB Memory Stick, as well as the UMD of Patapon 3.

Thank you for you assistance!



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