Jul 22 2001
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The Cubs lost a tough one the other day when Merced hit the grand slam. So much for the Yankees having a good batting average against Loaiza....into the dumper they went. Today wasn't any better as Rivera blew the game in the 9th. They were infield and little bloop hits, but they are just as good as line drives in the boxscore. Needless to say we need some pitching. Keisler didn't pitch too bad today, but consistency isn't his strong point. The name of Ostacio keeps coming up. Away from Coors field his ERA is a little over 4. That isn't too bad for pitchers nowadays. Other possibilities I have heard are Lopez of Tampa Bay and Schmidt of Pittsburgh. Pitching is scarce. I see the Cubs did pick up Michael Tucker. What do you think of that move?
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Jul 22, 2001
Cubs won tonight! Tucker's nice, but I don't think he'll make a difference one way or another. But they gave up nothing to get him, so. . . . The only teams I want to see get Astacio are St. Louis and Houston, for obvious reasons. He's never been consistent in his life. Same goes for Schmidt; Lopez is fairly decent, though. I've always liked James Baldwin; now he's available, though he gets hurt a lot. The Yanks could get him, if the Sox were willing to trade him to an A.L. rival. The Yanks probably couldn't get Leiter just because the Mets wouldn't want to deal with them.

Anywho, catch you later.

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