Feb 16 2013
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Backup Game Files - First Timer

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Hello all,


This is my first time trying to backup my PS3 game files after thinking about that catastrophic HD crash way back ago. My knowledge about backing up files is rather limited save for the fact that the external HD/USB flash drive must be in FAT32 format.


Now before I'm willing to spend 200MYR+ for at least a 500GB external HD, I must say that the game files I plan to backup is not big. Here are the files that I'm looking to backup.


From the game data utility (from info):


DMC - 2.5GB

PS All-Star Battle Royale - 550MB

NFS Most Wanted - 540MB

Infamous - 1.3GB

Soul Calibur 5 - 5.7MB (optional in my list)

NFS Hot Pursuit - 319MB


From save data utility (from info):


DMC - 117KB

PS All-Star Battle Royale - 373KB (including the new DLC characters)

NFS Most Wanted - 302KB

Infamous - 117KB

Soul Calibur 5 - 5968KB (optional in my list)

NFS Hot Pursuit - 673KB


Personally, I think that even a 32GB micro flash drive should be able to hold that size not to mention easier to reformat into FAT32 with my PC if it's in NTFS but I'm no expert in this.


So, what are your opinions about this? Your help is most appreciated to me.

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Re: Backup Game Files - First Timer

Feb 16, 2013

You can back up most save data to a flash drive.  Size isn't the problem.  The problem is that some (about 10%) save data is copy-protected, and that save data can't be copied to any USB storage device. Copy-protected save data can only be copied to Playstation Plus online storage, or by using the Backup and Data Transfer Utilities.  If you use the Backup Utility, then the copy protected save data can only be restored to the same PS3 that it was backed-up from.  If your PS3 is lost, stolen, or has to be replaced; that backup will not allow you to recover your copy-protected save data.  Playstation Plus online storage will. The other disadvantage is that your save data can only be copied one at a time to a USB storage device, but if you perform the backup each time you play a game, then that doesn't really matter.

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