Jan 02 2013
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Blu ray Error

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Watched Moonrise Kingdom on my ps3 last night and about an hour into it the movie froze. Ejected blu ray, reset system, and tried to watch again but every 10 mins it would freeze back up. Rented Looper today and the same problem. Threw in Dishonored, played about 20 mins and nothing happened. Put Looper back in and the same problem.


I cleaned up a lot of data and now have 40/55 free space. Did the Safe mode option 3 restore file system but that didn't work.


Any ideas? Is the laser / ps3 just dying?



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Re: Blu ray Error

Jan 2, 2013

I would assume it's the laser. Can you try a PSN game to see if it freezes as well? If it freezes with a PSN then it's the PS3 if not then it might be the laser.

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