May 03 2013
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Error code 80010514

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When I try to play games with the console laying on it's side horizontally I tend to always get the 80010514 error code (unable to read disc). When I play games with the console standing vertically I don't get the error code but my game always freezes after about 20 minutes of playing. DVDs work fine. Blu Rays and games work sometimes but usually freeze. I'm assuming this means I need to replace the Blu Ray drive or the laser?


 I would like to fix this at home, don't want to spend $130 to get it repaired by Sony. Please help.

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Re: Error code 80010514

May 3, 2013

There is obviously a problem with the optical drive.  Whether it is the laser, or some other part, is not clear.  You can't just install any slot-loading Blu-ray drive in the PS3; but people have replaced the drive themselves.  Attempts to repair the drive don't succeed as often.

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Re: Error code 80010514

May 3, 2013

So if I bought a new, working blu ray drive for my specific model and replaced it, in theory that should solve the problem?

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