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Aug 26 2011
By: flux21000 First Son 1 posts

Fallout New Vegas load stuck at 73%

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I am loading Fallout New Vegas and it found the latest Updates when disk was inserted and downloaded and installed to system. When

game is loading game data it hangs up at 73%. Any help or direction would be appreciated...

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First Son
Registered: 11/19/2012
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Re: Fallout New Vegas load stuck at 73%

Nov 19, 2012

I'm dealing with NV issues so learned a few things. I don't know if anyone has gotten back to you, but from what I've seen, the game data comes from the disc. I had scratches on mine so it would get stuck at 78%. After attempting to repair scratches, which only caused more, it would get stuck at 35%. I would advise trying cleaning if you know how or go to any local store that may repair the scratches for you. This is only from what I've seen so I could be possibly wrong. Just not likely after dealing with so many issues with this game.

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