Nov 21 2012
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Fat ps3 has issues connecting with friend + slow xmb

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I am able to play games online with strangers -- no lag, no disconnects, 100% wifi strength in status. But when I try to play games with people on my friends list, I seem to have lots of trouble.


I had issues forming parties with my friend in MW3, and now this is happening when I try to play with friends in NBA2k13 -

Sometimes I can get 1 game in, but when we return to the lobby after the game, I drop from the party. From that point, I usually cant get another online game to work even after restarting the system.


My xmb also runs really slow most of the time. Navigating through menus and the playstation store are fine and smooth, but i noticed my friend list (with approx 15 users) usually takes forever to load. When I power on the system -- maybe 1-2 friends show up, then the remaining dont pop up until a couple minutes later. Sometiems when I go into the xmb while in-game, when I switch back to the game, the xmb will sometimes take 5 or more minutes to load back into the game -- during this time there is the small "loading" circle at the top right of the screen.


My ps3 is the earlier fat model, running the latest firmware. I suspected it may be a HDD problem, but even after switching in a different harddrive, the same things happen. I also tried going into safe mode to run the "restore file system" and rebuilding the ps3 database -- no luck.


Any suggestions on what else to try? I know I can just up a used slim unit for 150 or something, but i'd like to see what other alternatives I have first.

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Re: Fat ps3 has issues connecting with friend + slow xmb

Nov 21, 2012

It's most likely your motherboard, This is because your PS3 is very close to getting the YLOD, I suggest you limit it's use and save all your data and deactivate your account from it. Another suggestion is to update your PS3 to a Slim or a new PS3.

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