Nov 18 2012
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My controller has issues (help, please)

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My Double XP weekend has been spoiled because my controller's battery has kept running low and eventually turning off on me in-game.  This has occurred last night, and is happening more than ever today.


Is there a trick to recharging the controller's battery?  Even if I leave it hooked up to my PS3, it doesn't recharge, and stays at a low battery status (blinking red light on my controller).  I tried hooking it up to my PC and I got a balloon message saying something about max power being attained or something......which also occurs on my PS3, where it says the maximum power has been reached, but right after that message fades out it says the battery is low.


For the record, I'm using a regular Sony Dualshock 3 controller.  The USB cord I am using must've been with me since I got my first PS3 back in June 2008.  The controller I'm using is the second one I've ever purchased; I purchased a third one, a gold-colored one, but when I hook it up it doesn't connect, and I honestly have a feeling it will make no difference, maybe because I don't understand the operational methods of batteries such as this (now that I learned about "battery memory" today on some other online article, which sounds familiar to my experiences months back).


I have thought about disassembling my controller; I did this once with my previous controller, but that was only to alleviate whatever was making the buttons stick, or to remove little broken parts.  I heard there is a way to fix the battery after disassembling the controller, but now that I think about it that may require things I don't even have.

Other than that, I'm thinking of hoofing it over to GameStop or Best Buy to see what controller-rechargers they offer; I've heard about those, but I think they're made by third-party companies, not by Sony, so I feel a little hesitant.


If anyone could help me with this issue I would very much appreciate it.  What does it take to recharge my controller at this rate?

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Re: My controller has issues (help, please)

Nov 19, 2012

It sounds to me like the battery in the controller is "shot" & therefore not holding the charge, you could try to replace it yourself or get yourself another controller.

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