May 04 2013
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No sound from ps3 to amp

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Hopeful for some help

I have recently done a update with my ps3 and now have no audio through my HDMI cable. I have had a look through the forums and even though I have seen similarities, all these things I have tried including resetting whole system and new cables and going through settings .......... Can someone please help with more ideas

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Re: No sound from ps3 to amp

May 4, 2013

There are no other ideas.  If you have set the audio output connector in Sound Settings to HDMI, and you have checked at least one Audio Output Format in Sound Settings that is supported by both the PS3 software that you are running, and the AV receiver or TV, then you have done all that you can do on the PS3.  You should make sure that the problem is not the HDMI cable, by trying a different one.  Other than that, either the problem is on the AV receiver, or your PS3 has a hardware problem that just happened to occur now.  The update did not break the hardware.  System updates can't do that.

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Re: No sound from ps3 to amp

May 4, 2013\


Be sure you have selected hdmi for audio. Select both Dolby and Dts.


What type of reciever is it model #?

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