Feb 16 2013
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PS3 needs a new firmware update that addresses the following longstanding issues:

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* 1st issue - Trophy sync cancelling does not cancel ---

This bug started occuring about 3-4 firmware updates ago and was never remedied. Now with Sony concentrating on the PS4 I doubt much that Sony will even give a rats *** about fixing the PS3's broken OS features, but this one needs to happen. The issue occurs when you click on a feature that attempts to check a person's profile, whether it's somebody else or your own, or when you load up trophies for review.


When this occurs it begins to download the user info, and this can take a long freaking time with the ps3's limited RAM, especially if you're playing a game and have that much less RAM to work with.


If you begin to sync the info and hit the O button to cancel the check, likely because it's starting to take too long, the screen will darken as if you were cancelling back to the XMB, but the XMB never comes up and instead it continues to download the user info and/or sync trophies in the background, leaving you on a darkened screen where you cannot do anything but manually shut off your system for upwards of 5 minutes or more, depending on how much trophy data there is to retrieve.


This needs to be fixed and reverted to how it actually cancelled in the old days. There's little reason to believe these 'support' issues won't be replicated when the PS4 does arrive, so please, Sony, get your act together.



* 2nd issue - browser failure.

The browser crashes all the time, even more so now that the internet has gone flash-heavy and memory issues arise more quickly. The browser needs to be updated with features that can block flash similar to Firefox's 'flash block' plugin, that lets you manually click on any flash object and load it individually instead ot spamming your system with flash advertisements, animations, and vidoes which will quickly kill the browser.



* 3rd issue - game freezes and browser crashes corrupt the boot settings requiring a restoration wizard to fix it.

This can take up to five minutes or more. While there are few games which cause said crashes, and many many more websites that cause constant crashes if you use the browser for net surfing, certain games cause the crashes repeatedly, such as DC Universe Online. If you continue to play without restoring the system's settings it eventually leads to slower and slower trophy synching (which is horrible enough as it is). There has to be a faster way to restore these settings while further protecting against corruption if the system crashes.


* 4th issue - browser text fields become incredibly laggy with more written content.

If you use the ps3 for forum use (such as this one), any text box field will start to lag your system the more text you type. Had I decided to use my ps3 to post this same message, by this amount of text you will have seen a near 20 second delay between each letter typed. Considering how text are puny in how much memory they use, the issue here seems to be poor coding on the browser end and not an issue of running out of ram.


* 5th issue - PSN purchase failures at a regional level.

This has happened before and will happen again. PSN will utterly fail to allow people in particular cities to use the PS store with their credit card info. There are time outs, sometimes there are errors retriving any data, other times you'll get messages reading 'invalid card'.


With the amount of people I have networked on my system i've isolated the problems to it being an issue shared by people in the same city, sometimes the state. It could work fine for people on the west coast while fails for people on the east coast. Sometimes it's down to the city, or cities close together, and the issue lasts anywhere from 1-2 whole weeks with no explanation. I've spoken with various people when it's happened, and for those that were 'blacked out' the issue is not bank related (we don't all use the same bank or credit agency yet all have the same issue), and we have to resort to PSN cards purchased online or at retail stores, or now infuse money through paypal through the SEN portal. (At least we have that workaround now). Currently going through a similar problem right now in the Tampa, FL area.

PSN should not be having these issues, especially with how the next console generation is moving into a highly digital age. With Gaikai on the way and more purchases to be made through PSN than ever before, service outages need to be eliminated much much more quickly. I've been a plus user since it was added which means these services need to be ready and able.



And I might as well mention it here to get the point across >>>

Get rid of the minimum five dollar charge on PSN purchases. That is not something that is required in this day and age. It's also hurting the online game market as well. DC Universe Online, for example, has it's own MMO marketplace where items are as low as 99 cents, sometimes lower than that. Even though the items are such a small amount of money, if you wanted to buy them through PSN EVERYTHING is a minimum of five dollars. That's unfair when you consider the PC version of the same game does not have these issues. It's also hurting SOE as most people are aware of the extra charge and opt not to purchase anything from the store.


In the next console age there will only be more and more MMOs and free to play games. You CANNOT keep doing this to customers and publishers. PSN's policies need to be adjusted to consider these types of games. Sony's already adjuster a bit for the upcoming Dust 514, but much more still needs to be done. Also the issue with PSN taking forever to pass items through QA also takes far too long, and items STILL pass through with obvious bugs (so just what the hell QA is even for is a mystery)


The Playstation brand is better than this. Sony is better than this. Get it done.


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