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Lombax Warrior
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Re: People make me sick.

Apr 5, 2010
lethal vampire wrote:
I so agree man, people just need to play their games.

- spoken like a true SONY employee. Just buy the games and shut up.
Make.Believe... you didn't see that
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Re: People make me sick.

Apr 5, 2010

"Imagine if hackers learned how to hack into peoples accounts"

Hilarious, this actually made me laugh. Yes, they really need a ps3 exploit to get account information when people use passwords like "1212" and "password1". You obviously don't work with tech, quit trying to guess what people would use the exploit for. People who want to hack accounts can easily perform phishing and catch the low lying fruit, while the rest will be fuzzing the PlayStation network, not individual PS3s.


ANYHOW, this however has nothing at all to do with this, but rather, something Sony really, really does not want. So I'll explain one use of the exploit since you clearly need a word up (Remember that? No? Shame.)

Ring0 access. Sweet, sweet ring0, the bane of every operating system's existences (well, once untrusted things start poking around here) What is ring0? Well, I'll leave it for you to WIKI, but with few words, it allows you full control over the hardware you have. Hypervisor says no? Well, now you have the means to get around it. Software on the system can no longer be trusted. What are rules when you can bend them?

Why is this important? Encryption is pointless if you can read the memory address that is storing the encryption key. Why would Sony care? Well, kiss your BluRay disk encryption goodbye. Remember the HD-DVD decryption key? I'm not supposed to post it here, but it begins with 09F9... probably will get censored for this much... ANYWAY, they'll eventually find the master keys and damn does content producers HATE it when their encryption keys gets published. They are after all TRADE SECRETS, NOTHING MORE.

Oh! But silly me, people on the forum actually think before posting, do a little research? Nope, these are the same people who play on PSN.

But why would we be pissed? This patch solves nothing. You think the people who want to exploit the ps3 are going to update? No. Absolutely not. They have ring0 already and they are never going to give that up. But for the rest of us who are LAW ABIDING, HONEST CONSUMERS, we just got shafted because Sony jumped the gun. They took away a feature we paid for. Name one company that has done that to date. Go ahead! Do it.

"Oh but they took away ps2 support" No company is legally required to continue to sell the same product with the same featureset, and clearly they have up until this point chosen this path. They are required however to keep features that they sold and advertised (as per FTC defined consumer protection laws in the US, and the equivilants in the UK and Australia). So yeah, I fully support taking Sony to court and forcing them to either revoke the 3.21 firmware changes or issue a full refund to customers who choose a refund.

What do you have to lose anyway, rabid Sony supporters? This is shameful behavior from a company and only brought light to something that would have just stayed in the murky corners of the internet. They should be adding value to your product, not removing value!

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First Son
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Re: People make me sick.

Apr 5, 2010

 Yes, I'm a new poster because this is the 1st time I've been pissed about a decision they have made because it does affect me.   For those that can remember about 5-8 years ago it was discovered that you could wipe an XBox & install Linux on it.  This was a great feature & it created an interest for me even wanting one.  Sony probably learned from the publics reaction to this "hack", which is why they initially enabled it on the PS3. (Yes that statement is speculation but go ahead and have at it trolls) .  Hence, I see what Sony has done is either marketing ploy or a panic attack. But, with the reassignment of Goeff Levand, the latter doesn't seem likely.


All this "pointless" complaining is serving a purpose.  Just to give an example:


About 6 months ago I purchased a Lexmark 5650 printer to replace my old dead printer.  I had Ubuntu installed on my server but was on a hiatus from needing to logon to it. However, I made sure that ON THE BOX it stated compatible with Linux. (which it did) When I finally went to install the driver for it to make CUPS take control of my printer for the network 4 months ago, I discovered Lexmark never created the Linux driver for it and wasn't planning on creating one.  It still worked as a printer, but neither my PSUbuntu nor my Linux server could use it.  Therefore, it didn't work as advertised.  Naturally, I started the process of claiming 'false advertisement'.  Last month Lexmark finally released their official Linux driver for it.


I don't need to re-link the posts & the statements by SCE that they "Never plan on removing the OtherOS feature".  The point is: They made a promise & they need to keep it. 


I can only hope that removing the OtherOS feature is a temporary solution to a problem that needed immediate attention.  And that I'm hoping Geohotz finds a job in SCE security department to fix this (Assuming he wasn't already an employee). Heck the US gov't is hiring hackers. to secure networks (which is a practice that has been going on for decades).


All-in-all I'm just going to chalk this up to another bump in the road for Linux for now.  If Sony doesn't restore the OtherOS feature, I'm sure a disgruntled YDL/PSUbuntu user will show them it was a mistake - what have you: legally or illegally. If you take candy from the baby they're either going to cry or throw something at you to get your attention.  If you look hard enough there are already plans to proxy into the PSN. That is going to open up a whole new can of worms when it comes to security. Sony took candy from people that use a system that is developer heavy. 


Open source, which is the foundation of the Linux OS, has helped educate a lot of programmers (and hackers alike). You think the cheating in games is bad now?  Just think about the repercussions of what 3.21 might initiate - think objectively.  The trollers/agitaters think that this won't affect them... it just won't affect them immediately.  You mock us now, but thats probably because you chose not to learn the robustness of Linux & hide within your commercial operating systems.  Otherwise you too would have Linux on your PS3 - presuming you haven't updated yet.

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